We have many years of experience in buying and selling gold products. With the gold industry we have been continuously connected since 1999.
In order to meet the interest of our customers in our jewelery stores, as well as keeping up to date market trends, we make available the online sale of gold products in the GOLDOVO.PL eShop.
GOLDOVO.PL is a modern eShop that offers stylized and contemporary fashionable gold jewelry for every occasion. We have a diverse assortment of the highest quality and at an affordable price. The jewelry we offer comes mainly from Polish manufacturers and designers.

Products have test features valid in the territory of Poland approved by the Central Office of Measurements (Assay Law - Journal of Laws No. 55/1993, No. 55, item 270 as amended) and the European Union. Gold articles weighing less than 1g and silver below 5g are not subject to marking pursuant to Article 9 (1) of the Assay Law.